“Bridget Hayden is a musician and artist who found notoriety as a multi-instrumentalist in experimental drone music ensemble Vibracathedral Orchestra at the turn of the century. Since 2006 she has produced a catalogue of accomplished compositions and is accredited for a thoroughly contemporary and remarkably sensitive readdress to the blues music tradition. Albums include A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean, released on KRAAK records in 2011 and Shipwrecked – a collation of compilation tracks –  in 2013. A new double album Pure Touch Only From Now On, They Said So is due out this year. Her captivating live performances where possible integrate her visual work – a body of abstract and figurative film, painting and drawing – with her aural performance, creating evocative installations of light, sound and movement that emerge from undomesticated origins.”

BRidget Hayden II Bristol 2016 by Louise Brady

photo by Louise Brady