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Cafe Oto: Takuroko release: “Transmissions” out February 2021

 To support themselves and their associated artists during the lockdown, Cafe Oto has started a new label called “Takuroko“. I was very happy to have been asked to give them some music. You can listen and purchase the digital EP here:
“Bridget Hayden has been a regular fixture at OTO over our 13 year history, either treating us to her distinct brand of lonesome avante-blues, or sending scattered aural junk skywards in Leeds-based collective Vibracathedral Orchestra.
In this new solo work, she pares back her hushed songcraft, opting instead for a foggy psychedelia, seeing her spill cyclical lines of bowed guitar, tone generator and synth – as well as vocal apparations and wisps of flute – into a throbbing vaporous mass.  Each element feels like it is blowing from a spectre’s mouth: rendering each low-end guitar riff, shrill of feedback or squelched synth-line in an ethereal, clouded greyscale.
Whether summoning something of earthly matter or from somewhere else, Bridget feels like she’s turning off the lights, lighting candles and welcoming us to a haunted ritual. Recommended listening for late winter nights.”



Schisms are a new trio consisting of Bridget Hayden, Richard Chamberlain and Sam McLoughlin. Steeped in rehearsal room ambience and tape saturation, these recordings filter a 50s rock’n’roll sensibility through a noise aesthetic: The Dead C playing the Back to the Future high school dance. Free jams and fuzz-obscured songs from a timeless limbo where VU boots are the basic currency.


released June 10, 2020


Richard G Chamberlain
Sam A Mcloughlin
Bridget S Hayden

Recorded 2019 at Robinwood Mill



At one point “Pure Touch Only From Now On, They Said So” (Early Music, 2018) was going to be a double LP.

This would have been on the second disc:



 “Astonishingly spectral blues. It’s so clear and yet there’s this huge layer of silence in the mix that makes everything quietly intense. It’s like listening to classic blues recordings in an opium dream, Favorite track: he put a weight on me.”