Cafe Oto: Takuroko release: “Transmissions” out February 2021

 To support themselves and their associated artists during the lockdown, Cafe Oto has started a new label called “Takuroko“. I was very happy to have been asked to give them some music. You can listen and purchase the digital EP here:
“Bridget Hayden has been a regular fixture at OTO over our 13 year history, either treating us to her distinct brand of lonesome avante-blues, or sending scattered aural junk skywards in Leeds-based collective Vibracathedral Orchestra.
In this new solo work, she pares back her hushed songcraft, opting instead for a foggy psychedelia, seeing her spill cyclical lines of bowed guitar, tone generator and synth – as well as vocal apparations and wisps of flute – into a throbbing vaporous mass.  Each element feels like it is blowing from a spectre’s mouth: rendering each low-end guitar riff, shrill of feedback or squelched synth-line in an ethereal, clouded greyscale.
Whether summoning something of earthly matter or from somewhere else, Bridget feels like she’s turning off the lights, lighting candles and welcoming us to a haunted ritual. Recommended listening for late winter nights.”